Hello there, fellow life form. I´m Filipe Russo from Brazil, I started taking photos back in the family film camera days, we travelled quite a lot and my parents decided the best photos were taken by me so I became since then the family photographer, but they didn´t like the fact I "wasted" film taking pictures of plants, insects and glass. Little after came the first family digital camera so I could take as much photos as I wanted and spent days playing around with it, sooner than later I got bored and started posing to my pictures and then editing them in the pc, weeeirds days where I was this 14 year old boy taking erotic, sometimes nude self-portraits and editing them to hell and posting selected parts of it in the internet. I continued my work since then but didn´t publish anything anywhere nor even in the internet till now. I hope you enjoy the turn my art made and expect much more to come, I will make a 10 year anniversary tribute to my early stuff in 2014, for now you can feast your retinas with "vectorization of the being". You can also find me here:

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