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All artwork ©Leah Comanor 2019-2023 (a.k.a. Elsy's Art)

I appreciate every heart I get and am grateful for every wonderful comment given to my artwork! Thanks!! XO

Hi! My initials are LC, which is how I came up with my shop name, Elsy's Art. I love all forms of creativity and have made art in many mediums, such as silversmithing, painting, woodworking and digital illustration. I absolutely love surface pattern design and, although I have different styles, I am currently focused mostly on mid century modern and Scandinavian folk art designs.

If you want to see coordinating patterns by color or design, please click on the Collections tab below.

Check out my shoe designs in my Threadless shop at: https://elsy.threadless.com/womens/shoes

Last, but not least, I want to thank everyone who has purchased one of my designs. I very much appreciate the support and your investment in my art ... you inspire me to create more and I hope your purchase brings you lots of joy!

Contact: elsysart.S6@gmail.com

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