Angela Staehling

Hello! I'm Angela Staehling. I'm a midwestern illustrator, author, and product designer. I've been art licensing for over 23 years and have had products in stores such as Anthropologie, Barnes & Noble, and Target, to name a few.

I find inspiration everywhere around me, and enjoy creating in bright colors with playful imagery. I mostly paint in acrylics but will pop in bits of gouache to add any extra details.

When not painting, you can find me hanging out with my cats, traveling, biking (the old-school kind where you actually go outside), and tending to my garden.

I have 2 books out with Chronicle Books - "How To Pet A Cat" and "Happy Houseplants". Yes, I wrote and illustrated both books ;-)

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Instagram/Pinterest/TikTok/YouTube/Facebook: @angelastaehling

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