Hi, I am Olha Aliakina.

I grew up in Ukraine, but now I live and work in Poland. I always painted. It's like a habit that's been with me throughout my life. During my school years, I went to art school and sculpture courses. My aunt is an artist, and as a child, I used to visit her. She put on still lifes for us, and we drew them together. It was only for the two of us outside art school. I loved it. I received a Bachelor's Degree from Kharkiv Aerospace University with an emphasis on Air Navigation in 2012. Then I received a Master's Degree from Kyiv Aviation University with an emphasis on Avionics in 2014. I was working as an aviation engineer. But throughout my studies at the university and working, I never stopped drawing. Today I draw illustrations based on traditional national ornaments of embroidery and folklore.

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