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Vintage art prints of famous paintings, drawings or photography that have been curated to make the perfect poster, sticker, framed art print, wall tapestry, bedspread or shower curtain. These antique classics and hand picked oddities are a great addition for your wall decor and overall vintage aesthetic. Here are my recommendations on how to shop for beautiful and inspiring vintage wall art.

In the bedroom and living room, most people prefer landscape paintings or botanical prints with lots of flowers on a tapestry or comforter to create a relaxing atmosphere. For bathrooms, choose a bold and funny statement piece like an eye-catching, oversized frowning frog shower curtain; or, play it safe and go with classical nautical or nature and animal print. In the kitchen, consider vintage food-themed posters that include mushrooms, fish or vegetables.

These are all good ideas for home decor and decorating different rooms, but what if you are decorating a small space like an apartment or college dorm room? In this case, these smaller more intimate spaces can be brightened up with a scientific diagram, such as a geological chart, or maybe you want to go more dark academia with a victorian era portrait of people reading or sleeping. In either case, you will most likely want to create a fun and creative atmosphere based on your own personal tastes and aesthetic.


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Two Moons Stencil,19th century Japan Art Print
Two Moons Stencil,19th century Japan Art Print
by Public Artography