Roberto Nieto

Hi! My name is Roberto Nieto and I live in Barcelona, Spain.

My passion and job is to illustrate the nature, mountains, plants, rivers, clouds… You can see that the main protagonist of my illustrations is the majestuosity of the nature. This is my main theme, and I don’t know if some day it'll change. Right now, that's my passion and what I enjoy the most.

However, I also love to paint floral compositions, patterns and many other subjects related with the nature and animals.

I mainly paint digitally, but I also paint with traditional mediums like Gouache, Acrylic and Oils.

I studied art direction, graphic design, traditional and digital illustration. I have taken part in a lot of workshops: design of natural environments, landscape and fantasy illustration techniques, theory of light and colour…

Last but not least, I feel that the most important thing is daily practice. For me, this is the true secret about art and illustration: to persevere, to be patient and practise every day. It is the only way to improve your technique day by day!

Follow me on instagram: @syntetyc

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