Rhonda L. Strickland

As an artist, Rhonda enjoys an extensive range of visual interests and diverse techniques. Her art is a blend of styles; a fusion of surreal and modern mixed with traditional and classical. That can be seen in topics of her art, but also in the various subjects that become CGI manipulations. Her art has won several awards and honors.

Rhonda is a semi-professional photographer with her main media being Photoshop. She creates 3D art and images in Incendia and Apophysis and then uses these "fractals" in her art creations formed and blended with her original photographs in Photoshop. She also uses Picture Window Pro and Corel Photo.

She has an Associate’s degree in Science Multimedia acquired in 2001; a happy accident when she took a Bitmap Imaging class at the local junior college one summer. This opened a door of opportunities that she never knew existed and a new career for her; a web developer and graphic designer. She started her own little company in 1998 called "RestLeSs Designs":http://www.restlessdesigns.com.

Rhonda has also been writing poetry as far back as 1968. One of her life goals had been to illustrate her poems and short stories. In 2009 she began to embark on that bucket list item. Not only has she been able to do this for the majority of her poetry, she has also been inspired to write poems and stories for new works as she creates them. Her inspiration comes from many places. She says that she is oftentimes inspired by music; all genres, old and new. She is involved with several art associations within her community. She was recently elected to the board as secretary for Studio 395 Foundation, Inc.

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