Deepest Black - Lowest Price On Site - Neutral Home Decor Sheer Curtain
Deepest Black - Lowest Price On Site - Neutral Home Decor Sheer Curtain
Deepest Black - Lowest Price On Site - Neutral Home Decor Sheer Curtain

Deepest Black - Lowest Price On Site - Neutral Home Decor Sheer Curtain

50" x 84"
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50" x 84"
50" x 96"
Set of Two
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Single $61.60
Set of Two $106.40

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Nothing makes a room come to life more than some golden hour sun through a sheer window curtain. Made from a linen-like woven polyester, they allow just the right amount of light to elegantly filter through. Pair them up with your favorite curtain rod and give your room a whole new glow. Available in either single or double panel options. A double panel features the same design on both panels. The bottom edge of curtain includes a 2" pocket that can be used as a hanging pocket, but beware that the artwork will be upside down for any non-patterned designs.

Product Note: Color variations between on-site previews, your screen and printed fabric may occur.

  • Crafted with 100% woven polyester with a linen-like texture

  • Single sided print with white on reverse

  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low

  • 50" (W) x 84" (H)

  • 50" (W) x 96" (H)

  • 4" pocket for easy hanging on any curtain rod

  • Every product is made just for you

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