Julia Frank

Hi! I'm an artist & surface designer. Seamless patterns, funny, cute and vintage designs with or without sayings will primarily appear under Julia Frank brand.

Vector illustrations and patterns are created in Adobe Illustrator. To digitize hand-drawn element, I use a Wacom drawing tablet. Photoshop is used to give special effects to some of my artworks.

I'm a self-taught designer with an engineering mindset. It means I love to know HOW do things work and WHY they work in such a way.

My inspiration primarily comes from traveling and seeing natural landscapes, lovely flowers, and other plants, cute animals and birds. I love to visit parks and botanical gardens to get inspiration as well. Sunny days give me more energy to create.

Hope some of my designs will help to make your life happier and brighter :)

Contact: jfdesigns.mail@gmail.com

Social: https://www.facebook.com/JuliaFrankDesigns https://www.instagram.com/juliafrankdesigns https://www.pinterest.com/JuliaFrankDesigns

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